Friday, January 23, 2009

Natural Disaster days.

This time of year you at home may be missing school or work because of snow. Today I did not teach because of a tropical storm that is slamming into the East coast of the Island. Peace Corps issued a warning, retracted it, then told us to stock up on food and prepare for power and cell phone outages because the storm was coming.
It was easy to tell something was up: Yesterday from my window I could see 6 people repairing their roofs and throwind sandbags on them to keep them from blowing away. Th National Radio was issuing some kind of warning, and even though I couldn’t understand it all, I could hear ‘Warning (Tendremo)’ and ‘Vavatenina’. My landlord told me to stock up on food.
So it was windy and rained all day. It was exciting, but relatively un-eventful. For all the talk about the storm, this one turned out to be minor, just a tropical depression. There is a real cyclone on the West coast right now, and who knows where that will go? And there are 3 more months of cyclone season, so there is plenty of time for the weather to pick up the slack and send us something more exciting.

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