Thursday, June 5, 2008

Am I really moving to Africa?

I am setting up this blog from home in Lynnwood because I don't know if I will be able to do it in my new home half way around the world. Really, despite all the research I have done, I feel like I still know nothing about it.
I leave in two days for Philly and in five for Madagascar. The reality has not sunk in yet. I am packed and ready to go, and I have a mental image of traveling. There is a long plane flight with my new friends and fellow trainees. We are all exhausted from the rigors of the flight and the 12 hour time difference. We get off the plane, get our bags, then.....I have no idea. That is where my imaginary future stops. Who knows what is there or what it is like? Not me. Not yet. I will however find out for all of us and do my best to give you all some idea. For now, wish me luck.


Michelle Moore said...

Wishing you the best!!

philippe said...

Have a safe trip, all my best wishes and I hope you can blog from Madagascar

Jerry said...

To call Brian in Madagascar from the U.S. you must dial the following:

011 261 33 174 8521

I looks like too many numbers, but Madagascar is divided into regions, and 33 is Brian's region, hence the additional digits