Thursday, December 11, 2008

All-saints vacation:

The school calendar here (and I assume in France) goes in sets of six weeks with a vacation in between. The first of these vacations is All-Saints for the first week of November. There were already 5 girls from my Education stage in my site for Jerijery and we all decided to go to Megan’s site in Vatomandry for business. PC gives you 2 days a month for vacation, but if you have approved business, you are able to travel without spending them. If PC asks, we were working, even though they already know that we weren’t. It is a strange policy, but we were able to go on vacation without using our days.
We spent most of our time relaxing, by which I mean sitting in various places. We sat a the beach, in the shade, at Megan’s place. We cooked, swapped Malagasy vocab and project ideas and stories from site. Mostly we spoke English and had a good time. We celebrated Barack Obama, traded books and pictures and drank beer.
It is sometimes strange to be surrounded by female company, but that is just the way PC is. More girls than boys.

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