Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ma grand-mère serait fier:

(My grandmother would be proud)
There is not much foreign tourism to Vavaten, but I have already met six aid workers from France. While I am able to speak French with selected Malagasy, it is not the same French that is spoken in France, so I always try to take the opportunity to spend time with the aid workers. The most recent were two middle aged ladies. I offered to take them on a hike to see some birds in the hills near the town and was able to successfully give them a tour of some of the local flora and fauna in French. I even did a little Malagasy-French translating without my head exploding.
I ran into them recently and they were on their way out. There is not much crime here in Vavaten, but someone broke into their room and stole a lot of money and their passports. They had to cut their trip short. Que honte.

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