Friday, March 13, 2009

The End is Here

For those of you not on my e-mail list, Peace Corps Madagascar has been suspended. The country's stability has deteriorated. Tanks in the capital, military divided and defecting, two presidents still not negotiating.
This means I am going to South Africa soon, where I will learn about what my options are for the future. Right now I know only vague details, and I still have trouble thinking about leaving, let alone what to do after. I will have better internet access from SA and will try to keep new info posted. For now I am safe, but in shock. Thanks for all your love and support. Maybe I will see some of you sooner than we thought.

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Anonymous said...

All the PCVEs should be receiving a memorandum with options. For example; wait six months and return, go to another country, go to retraining for another country, after one year in country go home a RPCV, etc. The options are limited by the the Regional Director. For example, evacuated PCVEs are given the option for any country world wide (unless that six month option is used) in the past.

There should be a special meeting with options given, but these can be given by the PCVEs. Good luck.

2004 evacuation guide: