Friday, March 13, 2009

So when is the rainy season?

This is a question that I have asked many people, in many forms, in 3 different languages and still have not received a solid answer for. But now people are just talking about it. I haven’t asked in a while because I thought it had just passed. If that was it I will be disappointed, but I think that was cyclone season and the rainy season is now upon us. that’s what people are saying when they aren’t talking about politics or money.
It occurred to me that the problem may not have been my language skills. but just a deeper disconnect. Then I ask people “when is the rainy season?” or “will it rain more in March?”, they understand the words, but don’t understand what I am asking. They don’t understand how I could not know when the rainy season is. Never mind that I grew up halfway around the world, everyone knows when the rainy season is. What is this crazy white guy asking?
Anyway, it is cooling off (thankfully) and the rain is coming more frequently. The threat of cyclones is almost passed without a major one hitting the East coast this year.
I guess this is just going be the way it is, communication wise. Even if I can coherently speak in Malagasy and French, I will still have a lot of trouble communicating. It is frustrating, but I will just keep trying. So far, some misinformation has caused misadventures, but no major problems. I am working hard to keep it that way, but my luck is bound to run out sometime.
8 Mars, 2009

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