Friday, March 13, 2009

Malagasy Politics:

There is a pitch-black, fork-tailed flycatcer called a Drongo here. This is the story of how it became the king of the birds:
Once upon a time there was a great fire in the forest. God called all of the birds to him and said “whoever put this fire out will forever be the king of the birds.” All of the birds rushed out to put out the fire, and the Mynah actually succeeded. He used coconuts from the trees where he lives to put out the flames.
Before he went back to see God, he wanted to take a bath. While he was bathing, the drongo, who had watched the whole thing from a distance, flew down and rolled in the ashes. He went to God and told him “I have put out the fire.” Then and there, God anointed the drongo with the ashes and made him king of the birds, which he remains to be even today.
9 Mars, 2009

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